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Frontiers of Agriculture in China

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Front. Agric. China    2008, Vol. 2 Issue (2) : 141-149     DOI: 10.1007/s11703-008-0023-5
Cloning, characterization and expression analysis of two superoxide dismutase (SOD) genes in wheat ( L.)
ZHANG Haina, GUO Chengjin, LI Cundong, XIAO Kai
College of Agronomy, Agricultural University of Hebei;
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Abstract Superoxide dismutases (SODs) play an important role in catalyzing the conversion of O2- to H2O2, which can reduce the amount of harmful reactive oxygen specie (ROS) generated by the adverse environments, and alleviate the damage to plants. As one class of SODs, CuZnSODs have vital functions in preventing the ROS-generated cell damage and the death in aerobically growing organisms. In this study, two novel CuZnSOD genes in wheat, referred to TaSOD1.1 and TaSOD1.2 were identified, cloned and characterized. TaSOD1.1 and TaSOD1.2 were 780 bp and 1121 bp, respectively, predicting all to encode 201 amino acids. A 45-aa length of transit peptide at the N-terminal and a 79-aa conserved CuZn-SOD domain were respectively located in TaSOD1.1 and TaSOD1.2. Phylogenetic analysis indicated that the query SODs, most of CuZnSODs, could be classified into four subgroups. Compared with the control (CK), the abundance of TaSOD1.1 transcripts did not change under drought, salt, low and high temperature conditions, but the TaSOD1.2 transcripts were strongly induced by the above abiotic stresses, which was in accordance with the elevated SOD activities in leaves in the above stress treatments to some extent, suggesting its involvement in the plant’s acclimation and tolerance to the above abiotic stresses by possibly reducing the amount of the harmful ROS from enhancement of the SOD activity.
Issue Date: 05 June 2008
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ZHANG Haina,GUO Chengjin,LI Cundong, et al. Cloning, characterization and expression analysis of two superoxide dismutase (SOD) genes in wheat ( L.)[J]. Front. Agric. China, 2008, 2(2): 141-149.
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