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Frontiers of Agriculture in China

ISSN 1673-7334

ISSN 1673-744X(Online)

CN 11-5729/S

Front. Agric. China    2008, Vol. 2 Issue (4) : 474-479     DOI: 10.1007/s11703-008-0067-6
Association of polymorphisms in adipocyte fatty acid binding protein gene with fat-related traits in chicken
YE Manhong1, CAO Honghe2, LI Hongbin2, CHEN Jilan2, ZHAO Guiping2, ZHENG Maiqing2
1.College of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Yangzhou University; 2.National Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition, Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
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Abstract PCR-SSCP analysis was used to detect polymorphic sites in chicken adipocyte fatty acid binding protein (A-FABP) gene. Six Chinese local breeds, Beijing-You chicken, Dwarf chicken, Taihe silky chicken, Chongrenma chicken, Xiayan chicken, Luyuan chicken and an introduced foreign breed, Arbor Acre broiler, were used as test populations. Three PCR-SSCP loci were detected. Statistical results showed that frequencies of genotypes and alleles were significantly different in the test populations. Sequence analysis revealed that C → T, G → A, and C → T transitions were responsible for the polymorphisms. Some fat-related traits such as body weight, content of intramuscular fat (IMF) and percentage of abdominal fat (AFP) were measured in Dwarf chickens and male Beijing-You chickens. We found out that chicken quality was significantly related to different genotypes in these two populations.
Issue Date: 05 December 2008
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CAO Honghe,YE Manhong,LI Hongbin, et al. Association of polymorphisms in adipocyte fatty acid binding protein gene with fat-related traits in chicken[J]. Front. Agric. China, 2008, 2(4): 474-479.
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