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Frontiers of Economics in China

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Frontiers of Economics in China  2017, Vol. 12 Issue (1): 1-6
Premature Deindustrialisation in the Developing World
Dani Rodrik()
Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA; and CEPR Research Fellow
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As developed economies have substituted away from manufacturing towards services, so too have developing countries—to an even greater extent. Such sectoral change may be premature for economies that never fully industrialised in the first place. This article presents evidence that countries with smaller manufacturing sectors substitute away from manufacturing to a larger extent, suggesting a trade channel through which falling international relative prices of manufacturing lead price-taking developing economies to substitute accordingly.

Key wordsdeindustrialization    developing countries    trade    globalisaton
出版日期: 2017-04-27
. [J]. Frontiers of Economics in China, 2017, 12(1): 1-6.
Dani Rodrik. Premature Deindustrialisation in the Developing World. Front. Econ. China, 2017, 12(1): 1-6.
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