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Economic structural reform and China’s financial security —Issues, logic and countermeasures
CHEN Yulu, WANG Fang
Front. Econ. China. 2007, 2 (2): 151-168.

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The authors believe that the financial operation based on the issuance of paper money in excess of economic capacity resulting from dependence on the state investment is the central manifestation of factors of China s financial insecurity. The financial support for the economic reform, the financial reform and the impact of globalization constitute the major logic of its formation. The fundamentals to safeguard financial security lie in the persistence of the state s comprehensive development strategy, so as to maintain long-term accumulation of the state s net wealth and the stability of faith in markets.
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Institutional causes for the slowing transition, unemployment and unequal distribution
ZHOU Tianyong
Front. Econ. China. 2007, 2 (2): 169-186.

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Usually 65% 80% of the employment can be taken by small-and-medium-sized enterprises in a country. The more small-and-medium-sized enterprises are active in the economy, the higher proportion of the middle income classes in the population, and the lower proportion of the poor people caused by unemployment and under-employment. Therefore, without changing the policy inclination to support gigantic or large companies we cannot solve the problem of surplus on labor force, urban unemployment and gap of income distribution. Now we may face the danger of developing into the Latin-America trap . At present we should focus on institutional reform of the government and promote the development of small-and-medium-sized enterprises.
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