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Editorial Bulletin

Call for Papers of Special Issue for Recycling Materials from WEEE

We announce that a Special Issue of Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering (FESE) Journal for Recycling Materials from WEEE will be based on a set of selected papers from ICWMT 12—The Twelfth International Conference on Waste Management and Technology, to be held in China from 17-20 October 2017.

Huge amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) have been generated during the period of urbanization development process of developing world. Recovery of valuable materials from e-wastes, such as plastics, metals, especially rare and precious metals have received much attention for the purpose of environmental protection and resources recycling.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
 ●  Characteristics of Valuable Materials of WEEE
 ●  Technologies and Practices for Critical Metals Recovery
 ●  Regeneration of Nonmetallic Materials in WEEE
 ●  Hazardous and Recyclable Materials Contained in Waste PCBs
 ●  Recovery and Reuse of WEEE
 ●  Green Design and Remanufacture
 ●  Life Cycle Assessment
 ●  The Policy and Standards of WEEE

Papers for the special issue will be selected based on the quality among those submitted in ICWMT 12. All papers must be prepared well following the format of FESE and it will be peer reviewed.
Tentative Schedule
To submit, send your full research paper to by 30 March 2017 for review. Authors will be asked to submit their papers through the platform as below:
If authors are the first time to submit your manuscript, you would better Log in first. Please also select the type of article “Special Issue for Recycling Materials from WEEE”.

Editors for the Special Issue:

Prof. Dr. Jinhui Li,
The Chairman of International Conference on Waste Management and Technology
Tsinghua University, China

Associate Prof. Dr. Eric David Williams,
Rochester Institute Technology, United States