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Advances in Geometric Analysis and Continuum Mechanics几何分析与连续介质力学进展    Authors: Paul Concus Kirk Lancaster   ISBN: 9781571460233  Published year: 1995-01-01
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Front Matter 0 0
Robert Finn - The First 70 Years Herbert Beckert 0 0
The Geometry of Solutions to Bernoulli Free Boundary Problems Andrew Acker 0 0
Asymptotic Behavior of Solution of the Equations of Compressible Heat Conductive Flows D.D. Ang and D.D. Trong 0 0
Minimization of Functionals of Curvatures and the Willmore Problem Gabriele Anzellotti and Sivano Delladio 1 0
Lawson Cones and the Bernstein Theorem Danilo Benarros and Mario Miranda 1 0
On the Regular or Singular Pendent Water Drops Marie-Franroise Bidaut-Wron 1 0
Soap Bubbles in the Cylinder Jin-Tzu Chen 0 0
Continuity of the Profile Function of a Steady Ideal Vortex Flow Alan Elcrat and Octavian Neculoiu 0 0
Existence and Asymptotic Decay of Plane-Steady Flow in an Aperture Domain G.P. Galdi, M. Padula, and A. Passerini 0 0
Existence of Periodically Evolving Convex Curves Moved by Anisotropic Curvature Yoshikazu Giga and Noriko Mizaguchi 0 0
Fourier Transform Estimates for the Navier-Stokes Equations John G. Heywood 1 1
Boundedness of Surfaces of Constant Sign Mean Curvature Wu-Hsiung Huang 0 0
Turbulent Relaxation of a Magnetofluid: A Statistical Equilibrium Model Richard Jordan and Bruce Turkington 1 0
A Weak Notion of Mean Curvature and a Generalized Mean Curvature Flow for Singular Sets Jiirgen Jost 0 0
Isometric Deformations of Surfaces Preserving the Mean Curvature K. Kenmotsu 0 0
Reduction of a Singular Equation of Navier-Stokes Type to a Regular Hopf Bifurcation Problem George H. Knightly and D. Sather 0 0
The Navier-Stokes Exterior Problem with Cauchy Data in the Space Ln,oo Hideo Kozano and Masao Yamazaki 0 0
Liquid Surfaces in Polyhedral Containers Dieter Langbein 0 0
On Weak and Classical Solutions of Some Nonlocal Problem Marian Majchrowski and Janina Wolska-Bochenek 0 0
On Drops on an Inclined Plane Erich Miersemann 0 0
Symmetric Capillary Surfaces in a Cube, Part 3: More Exotic Surfaces, Gravity Hans D. Mittelmann 1 0
Space-Like Tubes of Zero Mean Curvature in Minkowski Space Vladimir M. Miklyukov 0 0
On the Mean Curvature of a Free Surface of Weightless Liquid in a Cyclindrical Vessel A.D. Myshkis 0 0
Some Partial Differential Equations in Clifford Analysis E. Obolashvili 0 0
The Stokes Resistance of an Axisymmetric Body in a Linear Shear Flow M.E. O'Neill and K.B. Ranger 1 0
Rotating Incompressible Liquid Drops Immersed in Rotating Compressible Media Donald R. Smith and James E. Ross 0 0
Uniqueness of Stable Minimal Surfaces with Partially Free Boundaries Friedrich Sauvigny 0 0
The Fourier Splitting Method Maria Schonbek 0 2
Essential Positive Supersolutions of Nonlinear Degenerate P.D.E.s S. Walter Wei 0 0
Tubular Capillary Surfaces in a Convex Body Henry C. Wente 1 1