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Frontiers of Medicine

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Front. Med.    2007, Vol. 1 Issue (1) : 115-119     DOI: 10.1007/s11684-007-0022-6
Not asthma, but GERD: case report
WANG Zhonggao
Center for GERD, Second Artillery General Hospital, Clinical Research College, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100086, China; Department of Surgery, Xuan Wu Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing 100053, China;
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Abstract  Asthma is a disorder of the lungs characterized by increased responsiveness of the airways, as manifested by episodes of wheezing and increased resistance to expiratory airflow because of varying degrees of smooth muscle contraction, edema of the mucosa, and mucus in the lumen of the bronchi and bronchioles. The stimuli vary widely and include antigens, infection, air pollutants, respiratory tract irritants, exercise, and emotional factors. This condition is completely different from distress breathing because of laryngotracheal spasm. One of its causes is the gastric content reflux through the pharynx to the larynx because of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), in addition to the typical human avian flu that may cause immediate suffocation by laryngospasm owing to acute larygotrachitis. A patient suffered from GERD without esophageal symptoms, which was diagnosed and treated as bronchial asthma during his five emergency admissions. The admissions were because of episodic attacks of severe air hunger owing to an extreme throat tightening. The patient was being treated for as long as two years. After the correct diagnosis was made and treatment of laporascopic fundaplication was performed, the longstanding bronchial asthma , after all, completely disappeared. The concept of not asthma, but GERD  seems undervalued, unappreciated, even misunderstood among patients with intractable asthma. Therefore, such a case is reported in detail, similar cases are mentioned briefly as well, and a mechanism responsible for GERD-originated larryngo- or laryngotracho-spasm is proposed.
Issue Date: 05 March 2007
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