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Front. Med.    2010, Vol. 4 Issue (1) : 16-20     DOI: 10.1007/s11684-010-0007-8
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Prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in China
Jun-Jie XIAO MD,Yi-Han CHEN MD, PhD,
Department of Cardiology, Tongji Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200065, China;Key Laboratory of Arrhythmias of Ministry of Education, Tongji University, Shanghai 200065, China;Institute of Medical Genetics, Tongji University, Shanghai 200065, China;
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Abstract  Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) cause one third of all deaths in China, and the number is anticipated to double by 2020. They also greatly result in disability and adjusted life year loss. The prevalence of CVD has become a new burden for China, due to an aging population, smoking, and changes in dietary habits and lifestyles. As the largest developing country, China needs to tailor her own national policies for managing CVD with full consideration of epidemiology, local needs, and affordability. Smoking cessation, increased physical activity, control of hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, and maintenance of a “traditional Chinese” diet should be important strategies for reducing the burden of CVD in China. Health officials in China should take their responsibilities to implement educational and preventive measures seriously.
Keywords cardiovascular diseases      prevalence      China      risk factors      prevention      
Issue Date: 05 March 2010
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