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Front Med    2011, Vol. 5 Issue (3) : 239-247     DOI: 10.1007/s11684-011-0123-0
In vivo imaging of hematopoietic stem cell development in the zebrafish
Panpan Zhang, Feng Liu()
State Key Laboratory of Biomembrane and Membrane Biotechnology, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101, China
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In vivo imaging is crucial for developmental biology and can further help to follow cell development/differentiation in normal and pathological conditions. Recent advances in optical imaging techniques has facilitated tracing of the developmental dynamics of a specific organ, tissue, or even a single cell. The zebrafish is an excellent model for imaging of hematopoiesis due to its transparent embryo at early stage; moreover, different zebrafish hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) transgenic lines have been demonstrated as very useful tools for illustrating the details of the HSC developmental process. In this review, we summarize recent studies related to the non-invasive in vivo imaging of HSC transgenics, to show that zebrafish transgenic lines are powerful tools for developmental biology and disease. At the end of the review, the perspective and some open questions in this field will be discussed.

Keywords hematopoietic stem cell      hematopoiesis      in vivo imaging      transgenics      zebrafish     
Corresponding Authors: Liu Feng,   
Issue Date: 05 September 2011
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LocationTimeProcessCell typesRepresentative markers
Primitive hematopoiesisALM18 to 24 hpfMyelopoiesisMyelocytepu1, l-plastin, lyz, mpo
PLM18 to 24 hpfErythropoiesisErythrocytegata1, gata2, globin
ICM24 hpfErythropoiesisErythrocytegata1, gata2, globin
Definitive hematopoiesisAGM24 to 60 hpfHSC specification, EHTHSCrunx1, cmyb, cd41
CHT2 to 4 dpfHSC proliferationHSC, EMPrunx1, cmyb, cd41, cd45
Thymus3 to 5 dpfThymopoiesisT cellikaros, rag1, rag2
Kidney3 dpf to adulthoodPermanent HSC poolHSC and all other blood cellscmyb, scl
Tab.1  A brief summary of primitive and definitive hematopoiesis in zebrafish
Fig.1  Comparison of conventional and confocal microscopy used in zebrafish embryo imaging. (A) Bright-field imaging of a 36 hpf zebrafish embryo. Lateral view, anterior to the left. (B, C) Fluorescent imaging of the same embryos ) showing green blood vessels. Lateral view, anterior to the left. (D, E) Confocal imaging of embryo at day 2 using Zeiss LSM 510 showing 3D structures of blood vessels in green. Lateral view, anterior to the left.
Fig.2  Hematopoiesis is closely associated with vessel development in zebrafish. (A) Whole mount hybridization of , a hemangioblast marker, in lateral plate mesoderm at 5 somite stage. Dorsal view, anterior to the top. (B)-positive cells mark angioblasts migrating to the midline at 18 somite stage. Dorsal view, anterior to the top. (C) staining demarcates artery and vein at 24 hs postfertilization (hpf). Lateral view, anterior to the left. (D) At 36 hpf, positive cells represent hematopoietic stem cells (arrow) which were derived from the dorsal aorta. Lateral view, anterior to the left.
Molecular markerHemangioblastAngioblastArtery/VeinHSCTransgenic lineReferences
Tab.2  Molecular markers and available transgenic lines in zebrafish hematopoiesis
Fig.3  Bright-field (A) and 3D confocal (B) images of transgenic zebrafish embryo show GFP expression in blood and blood vessels within the whole embryo at 30 h postfertilization (hpf).
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