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Frontiers of Medicine

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Front. Med.    2017, Vol. 11 Issue (3) : 307-309     DOI: 10.1007/s11684-017-0578-8
Hypertension in patients with CKD in China: clinical characteristics and management
Guangyan Cai(), Xiangmei Chen()
Department of Nephrology, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Chinese PLA Institute of Nephrology, State Key Laboratory of Kidney Diseases, National Clinical Research Center for Kidney Diseases, Beijing 100853, China
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Corresponding Authors: Guangyan Cai,Xiangmei Chen   
Just Accepted Date: 04 August 2017   Online First Date: 14 August 2017    Issue Date: 29 August 2017
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Guangyan Cai,Xiangmei Chen. Hypertension in patients with CKD in China: clinical characteristics and management[J]. Front. Med., 2017, 11(3): 307-309.
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