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Frontiers of Physics

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Frontiers of Physics  2017, Vol. 12 Issue (5): 124203
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Propagation dynamics of finite-energy Airy beams in nonlocal nonlinear media
Zhen-Kun Wu,Peng Li,Yu-Zong Gu()
Institute of Microsystem Physics, School of Physics and Electronics, Henan University, Kaifeng 475004, China
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We investigate periodic inversion and phase transition of normal and displaced finite-energy Airy beams propagating in nonlocal nonlinear media with the split-step Fourier method. Numerical simulation results show that parameters such as the degree of nonlocality and amplitude have profound effects on the intensity distribution of the period of an Airy beam. Nonlocal nonlinear media will reduce into a harmonic potential if the nonlocality is strong enough, which results in the beam fluctuating in an approximately cosine mode. The beam profile changes from an Airy profile to a Gaussian one at a critical point, and during propagation the process repeats to form an unusual oscillation. We also briefly discus the two-dimensional case, being equivalent to a product of two one-dimensional cases.

Key wordsAiry beam    nonlocal nonlinear    phase transition    intensity distribution
收稿日期: 2016-04-15      出版日期: 2016-10-17
. [J]. Frontiers of Physics, 2017, 12(5): 124203.
Zhen-Kun Wu,Peng Li,Yu-Zong Gu. Propagation dynamics of finite-energy Airy beams in nonlocal nonlinear media. Front. Phys. , 2017, 12(5): 124203.
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