Frontiers of Physics

ISSN 2095-0462

ISSN 2095-0470(Online)

CN 11-5994/O4

邮发代号 80-965

2018 Impact Factor: 2.483




Frontiers of Physics, an international refereed journal, aims to summarize the latest and significant progress and highlight frontier achievements, hot topics and cross points in a variety of research fields in physics, and to provide a platform for communication and exchange of ideas among physicists in China and overseas. The journal publishes Review, Mini-Review, Perspectives, and Research articles. The Review provide comprehensive overviews of recent work of certain active research areas; the Perspective/Mini-Review offers a brief introduction and new insights into the latest topics of high interest to the researchers at the frontiers of physics; and the Research Articles are linked to the primary research on current topics in nearly all main branches of physics, such as Quantum mechanics and quantum information; Gravitation, cosmology, and astrophysics; Elementary particles and fields; Nuclear physics; Atomic, molecular, and optical physics; Statistical and nonlinear physics; Plasma physics and accelerator physics; Condensed matter physics; Nanostructures and functional materials; and Soft matter, biological physics, and interdisciplinary physics.