Frontiers of Physics

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2018 Impact Factor: 2.483




    Frontiers of Physics is an international academic journal, jointly published in English by China Higher Education Press and Springer. It aims at introducing the latest progress of a variety of areas in physics particularly in China and promoting academic communication among physicists in China and overseas.

    The journal is committed to the principle of academic freedom and applies this principle in all our activities. All manuscripts are processed without any prejudice irrespective of sex, race, religion or nationality. All reviewers are selected from specialists internationally active in physics arena. Feel free to contact with us if considering serving as a reviewer or recommending excellent experts to our journal.

If you are invited to be a reviewer and happen to fall into any of the following circumstances, please inform us:
    You are one of the authors of the manuscript or have cooperation with any of them in the work presented in the manuscript;
    You have direct competition with the author(s) of the manuscript;
    You are under a situation which may affect you to give objective comments. 

Referee Report:

    As the journal aims to reflecting up-to-date progress of physics, all original papers published should present latest, creative and of high interest results in frontier research fields of physics. They should provide valuable data or information to readers. In particular, review articles should have comprehensive overview.

    When you are invited to review a paper, please log in to the journal web site ( to complete and submit your referee report. If you have any questions or need assistance using the online peer-review system, please contact the editor. Alternatively, you may revert the referee report via e-mail ( to the editor.

    All the papers submitted to us will be reviewed through “blind peer-review”. Information about the reviewers is confidential to authors.

The reviewer must not
    disclose your identity as a reviewer to authors or contact authors to discuss a manuscript;
    reveal, cite, or in any way disclose information about a manuscript prior to publication;
    directly send your review about the manuscript to authors. 

    The “referee report” is divided into two parts, “to authors” and “to the editor”. Authors will receive the former part, and the reviewer may give more detailed comments in the later part for the reference of the editor.

Reviewer Guidelines:

    Comments should be as complete and detailed as possible and contain clear opinions of integrity, objectivity and novelty. Comments should be constructive and suggestions should be offered to enhance the manuscript.

Important points for the reviewer to consider:
    Is the topic of the manuscript appropriate for the Journal?
    Does the article contain sufficient new physics (theory / method / technology / application, etc.)?
    Are the title and the abstract of the manuscript concise and accurate?
    Are the calculation, method and conclusion of the manuscript appropriate and scientifically sound?
    Are the tables and figures well designed? Is information in the tables and figures redundant or insufficient?
    Are the references cited most appropriate to support the manuscript?
    Is the structure of the manuscript reasonable? Is the English expression appropriate? 

After careful consideration, the reviewer should conclude one of the following recommendations on manuscript: 
     Highly recommended – for high quality manuscripts of high interest;
    Recommended – for manuscripts of acceptable quality that are of interest to most readers. For either of the above, indicate if the recommendation is unconditional or conditional upon modifications by the author.
    Modification for a second review – for manuscripts of acceptable quality that are of interest to most reader, but requires some major changes by the author, and must be returned to the reviewers for a second review round; and
    Not recommended (rejected) – for manuscripts of low quality or of low interest to readers. 

Any questions you may have about the review process, please contact:
    Editor: Hong-guang Dong (董洪光)
    Address: F15, Fusheng Building, No. 4, Huixin East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China
    Tel: +86-10-58556299 (office), +86-13911605631
    Facsimile: +86-10-58556034

Conscientious peer review of manuscripts is usually a time-consuming task but is essential to assure and enhance high quality content for the journal. We hereby appreciate your work for serving as a reviewer of our journal!