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Frontiers of Philosophy in China

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Front. Philos. China    2018, Vol. 13 Issue (1) : 139-149
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From “Practice” to “Living”: Main Trends of Chinese Aesthetics in the Past 40 Years
LIU Yuedi()
Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing 100732, China
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In the past 40 years, Chinese research in the field of philosophical aesthetics has made great progress in basic research and academic contributions. The Chinese approach to the ontology of contemporary aesthetics has played the most important role in this historical transition. A shifting paradigm of the ontology of aesthetics—from the concept of “practice” (shijian實踐) to the concept of “living” (shenghuo 生活)—is assisting to integrate Chinese aesthetics into the context of globalization, and the future of Chinese aesthetics is both Chinese and global. “Aesthetics” is not just Ganxue 感学 in the sense of Aesthetica, it is also is a Juexue 觉学 that is closer to the sense of Aisthetik in Chinese context.

Keywords Ganxue      Juexue      contemporary Chinese aesthetics      aesthetics of practice (實踐美學)      aesthetics of living (生活美學)     
Issue Date: 23 April 2018
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LIU Yuedi. From “Practice” to “Living”: Main Trends of Chinese Aesthetics in the Past 40 Years[J]. Front. Philos. China, 2018, 13(1): 139-149.
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