About Mathematics and Humanities series

The Mathematics and Humanities book series is edited by Dr. Shing-Tung Yau et al, and co-published by Higher Education Press, of Beijing, and International Press, of Somerville, Massachusetts. This mathematical science book series is geared primarily for college students, but is also suitable for mathematics instruction in secondary schools. The series is of interest not only to mathematics teachers, students and researchers, but also to a general educated readership. Each volume in the series is a collection of articles, on the broad topics of mathematics, mathematicians, mathematical history, mathematical culture, and mathematical education. The purpose of the series is to:A

  • Introduce new developments in mathematics, and to discuss the important role of mathematics in science, economy and society, using plain expository language.
  • Provide an introduction to mathematical history and notable mathematicians, in the form of travel notes, recorded interviews, story-telling, etc.
  • Illustrate the beauty and significance of mathematics, and its relationships to music, literature, and more, in a lively and interesting manner.
  • Explore the controversial issues of mathematical education, by considering various reports and studies.

Editorial committee of series

(The order of the names is according to the number of Chinese strokes)

Chief Editors


Shing-Tung Yau

Department of Mathematics, Harvard University
Cambridge,MA 02138,USA

Kefeng Liu

Kefeng Liu

UCLA Mathematics Department
Box 951555
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1555, USA

Lo Yang

Lo Yang

Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, Chinese Academy of Science
No.55, Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100080 CHINA

Lizhen Ji

Lizhen Ji

Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan
530 Church Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1043, USA

Emeritus Editors

Xiaqi Ding, Zhexian Wan, Yuan Wang, Zhongci Shi, Minyou Qi, Daqian Li, Wenjun Wu, Jinzhong Zhang, Qikeng Lu


Jing Yu, Shaoliang Ma, Renhong Wang, Zeke Wang, Shanping Wang, Zujun Jing, Keqin Feng, Anjing Qu, Xiping Zhu, Xianjun Liu, Hongwei Xu, Xiaoli Sun, Jian Yan, Wenlin Li, Fang Li, Jianhua Li, Jie Xiao, Jie Wu, Yibing Shen, Yingbo Zhang, Shunyan Zhang, Haichao Zhang, Dianzhou Zhang, Jian Zhou, Fangyang Zheng, Shaoyuan Zheng, Zuoxuan Hu, Enyu Yao, Xiangdong Yuan, Pei Gu, Hao Xu, Yulin Weng, Xuanguo Huang, Mingchang Kang, Wenduan Cai

Deputy Editor

Fang Li
Center of Mathematical Science, Zhejiang University, 310027 CHINA

Column Chief Editors

Shanping Wang (Mathematician)
Journal of East China Normal University, Shanghai, 200062 CHINA

Keqin Feng (Science of Mathematics)
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Tsinghua University
No. 1 Qinghua Yuan, Haidian District, Beijing, 100084 CHINA

Wenlin Li (History of Mathematics)
Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, Chinese Academy of Science
No. 55, Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100080 CHINA

Yingbo Zhang (Mathematics Education)
School of Mathematical Sciences, Beijing Normal University
No. 19 Xin Jie Kou Wai Street, Beijing, 100875 CHINA

Dianzhou Zhang (Glamour of Mathematics)
Department of Mathematics, East China Normal University
No. 3663 Zhongshan North Road, Shanghai, 200062 CHINA

Enyu Yao (Application of Mathematics)
Department of Mathematics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 310027 CHINA

Hao Xu (Book Review)
Harvard Mathematics Department
One Oxford Street Cambridge MA 02138

2012 Special Contributor

Zeke Wang, Keqin Feng, Zhigang Ji, Wenlin Li, Yingbo Zhang, Zhaohua Jia

Editorial administration of the series


Yushan Deng
Morningside Center of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 100190 CHINA

Jing Yang
Beijing Union University, 100101 CHINA
Morningside Center of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 100190 CHINA

Chunli Zhao
Center of Mathematical Science, Zhejiang University, 310027 CHINA

Your contribution


    • Must express ideas easily and well, and describe abstract mathematical concepts in clear, succinct language, avoiding specialized language and jargon.
    • Should include vivid illustrations or photographs where appropriate.
    • Must include, as appropriate, a glossaries of unfamiliar terms.
    • Must indicate translations of the names of mathematicians, referring to English Mathematical Vocabulary (edited by Honglin Zhang, Tsinghua University Press).
    • Preferably, should be 5,000 words or fewer in length.



We tend to receive articles which have not been published before. However, if a contribution has been published already, its author or authors must hold the copyright, and must agree in writing to transfer that copyright to the series publishers, Higher Educational Press and International Press of Boston. Copyright, generally speaking, is the sole right to reproduce, publish, and distribute a work, conceded to the publisher by the author through a mutual agreement.
All the articles published in this book series are protected by copyright. Reprint, translation, and publication online, of the articles published in this book series, are forbidden without authorization of the publishers (Higher Educational Press and International Press). After transfer of copyright, the author may, however, post the work on the Internet in accordance with the principle of fair use.

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