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转化医学研究  2014, Vol. 4 Issue (4): 117-117    DOI: 10.3868/j.issn.2095-154x.2014.04.013EN
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China National Genebank
Yong Zhang1,2,Qiyuan Li1,Xian Wang1,Xiaolin Zhou1,Dongqiong Wei1,Zhixiang Yan1,Shipeng Wang1,Puyi Qian1,Xiao Sun1,Qian Wan1,Le Cheng1,2,Xin Zhou1,2,Jian Wang1,2
1.China National Genebank,Shenzhen 518083,China
2.BGI Shenzhen,Shenzhen 518083,China
China National Genebank
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摘要:China National Genebank Shenzhen(CNGB)is a national nonprofit institute,which is founded to serve the strategic needs of the Chinese government and to boost innovative scientific research and the infrastructure construction for biological industries.In January 2011,CNGB was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission(NDRC).Later in 2011,the Construction Scheme of CNGB was jointly approved by NDRC,the Ministry of Finance(MOF),the Ministry of Industry and Technology Information(MIIT)and the National Health and Family Planning Commission(NHFPC,The original Ministry of Health),funded in the Special Fund Plan for the Development of National Strategic Emerging Industry.CNGB is established and operated by BGI Shenzhen characterizing in a creative development model which combines biological bank,informatics bank and biological resources information consortium network together.With the goal of establishing a world leading biological bank,with highly efficient biological information data processing,storage and management system and comprehensive consortium network,CNGB provides effective protection as well as rational utilization of the Chinese massive bio resources(include both human and non human specimen)and related clinical(or phenotypic)information and OMICS data.The establishment of CNGB is essential for protecting genetic resources in China,for realizing the development and application as well as sharing of sample and data resources.CNGB also strives to improve the capabilities of storing,analyzing,managing and utilizing of specimen and relevant information storage,analysis,management and applications,which will consequently propel the development of biological industry and life science.In summary,CNGB has great strategic significant importance for our country to seize the commanding heights of bio economy,and to possess take control of the strategic biological genetic resources and genetic data.
出版日期: 2015-04-22
Yong Zhang,Qiyuan Li,Xian Wang,Xiaolin Zhou,Dongqiong Wei,Zhixiang Yan,Shipeng Wang,Puyi Qian,Xiao Sun,Qian Wan,Le Cheng,Xin Zhou,Jian Wang. China National Genebank[J]. 转化医学研究, 2014, 4(4): 117-117.
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