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Frontiers of Medicine

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Front. Med.    2016, Vol. 10 Issue (2) : 233-235
Health: a dream from reality to the future
Chunsong Hu(),Qinghua Wu()
Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Nanchang University Hospital, Nanchang University, Nanchang 330006, China
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This paper argues that health is a realistic productive force that may enhance the index of happiness. As the basis of all developments and the source of a person’s and his/her family’s happiness, health requires not only primary and secondary prevention, but also policy prevention, that is to say, grade-zero prevention. Therefore, people should pay more attention to Health in All Policies. As a new preventive strategy, the policy prevention will help improve people’s health significantly and promote the concepts of “Healthy China” and “the Chinese Dream” or “the World Dream” to realize a dream from reality to the future.

Keywords health promotion      primary and secondary prevention      policy prevention      infectious disease      non-communicable disease     
Corresponding Author(s): Chunsong Hu,Qinghua Wu   
Just Accepted Date: 29 March 2016   Online First Date: 18 April 2016    Issue Date: 27 May 2016
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Chunsong Hu,Qinghua Wu. Health: a dream from reality to the future[J]. Front. Med., 2016, 10(2): 233-235.
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