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Frontiers of Agriculture in China

ISSN 1673-7334

ISSN 1673-744X(Online)

CN 11-5729/S

Front. Agric. China    2007, Vol. 1 Issue (1) : 24-29     DOI: 10.1007/s11703-007-0004-0
Research article |
Physiological analysis on pre-harvest sprouting in recombinant inbred rice lines
Longxing TAO,Xi WANG,Huijuan TAN,Haisheng CHEN,Changdeng YANG,Jieyun ZHUANG,Kangle ZHENG
National Key Laboratory of Rice Biology, China National Rice Research Institute, Hangzhou 310006, China, E-mail:
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Keywords pre-harvest sprouting      physiological analysis      hybrid rice seed F1      amylase activity      recombinant inbred lines     
Issue Date: 22 February 2016
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Longxing TAO,Xi WANG,Huijuan TAN, et al. Physiological analysis on pre-harvest sprouting in recombinant inbred rice lines[J]. Front. Agric. China, 2007, 1(1): 24-29.
Fig. 1  Pre-sprouting rate in parents and in some RIL
Fig. 2  Endogenous GA1 and ABA contents in grains of ZH-156 and GM-2 during filling stage
Fig. 3  Effect of raining on endogenous GA1 & ABA content in parents and RIL grains during maturity
Fig. 4  Amylase activity of grains in cultivars ZH-156 and GM-2
Fig. 5  Effects of raining on amylase activity in grains of recombinant lines during ripening
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