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China Economic Transition  
ISSN 2096-5478(Print) CN 10-1532/F (2018-2021)
ISSN 2095-8099(Print) ISSN 2096-0026(Online)  CN 10-1244/N (2014-2019)
Frontiers in Biology  
ISSN 1674-7984(Print) ISSN 1674-7992(Online)  CN 11-5892/Q (2006-2018)
Frontiers in Energy  
ISSN 2095-1701(Print) ISSN 2095-1698(Online)  CN 11-6017/TK (2007-2021)
Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering  
ISSN 2095-7505(Print) ISSN 2095-977X(Online)  CN 10-1204/S (2014-2021)
Frontiers of Agriculture in China  
ISSN 1673-7334(Print) ISSN 1673-744X(Online)  CN 11-5729/S (2007-2011)
Frontiers of Architectural Research  
ISSN 2095-2635(Print) ISSN 2095-2643(Online)  CN 10-1024/TU (2012-2021)
Frontiers of Business Research in China  
ISSN 1673-7326(Print) ISSN 1673-7431(Online)  CN 11-5746/F (2007-2021)
Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering  
ISSN 2095-0179(Print) ISSN 2095-0187(Online)  CN 11-5981/TQ (2007-2021)
Frontiers of Chemistry in China  
ISSN 1673-3495(Print) ISSN 1673-3614(Online)  CN 11-5726/O6 (2006-2011)
Frontiers of Computer Science  
ISSN 2095-2228(Print) ISSN 2095-2236(Online)  CN 10-1014/TP (2007-2022)
Frontiers of Earth Science  
ISSN 2095-0195(Print) ISSN 2095-0209(Online)  CN 11-5982/P (2007-2021)
Frontiers of Economics in China  
ISSN 1673-3444(Print) ISSN 1673-3568(Online)  CN 11-5744/F (2006-2021)
Frontiers of Education in China  
ISSN 1673-341X(Print) ISSN 1673-3533(Online)  CN 11-5741/G4 (2006-2021)
Frontiers of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  
ISSN 2095-2732(Print) ISSN 2095-2740(Online)  CN 10-1028/TM (2006-2012)
Frontiers of Engineering Management  
ISSN 2095-7513(Print) ISSN 2096-0255(Online)  CN 10-1205/N (2014-2021)
Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering  
ISSN 2095-2201(Print) ISSN 2095-221X(Online)  CN 10-1013/X (2007-2022)
Frontiers of Forestry in China  
ISSN 1673-3517(Print) ISSN 1673-3630(Online)  CN 11-5728/S (2006-2009)
Frontiers of History in China  
ISSN 1673-3401(Print) ISSN 1673-3525(Online)  CN 11-5740/K (2006-2021)
Frontiers of Law in China  
ISSN 1673-3428(Print) ISSN 1673-3541(Online)  CN 11-5742/D (2006-2021)
Frontiers of Literary Studies in China  
ISSN 1673-7318(Print) ISSN 1673-7423(Online)  CN 11-5745/I (2007-2021)
Frontiers of Materials Science  
ISSN 2095-025X(Print) ISSN 2095-0268(Online)  CN 11-5985/TB (2007-2021)
Frontiers of Mathematics in China  
ISSN 1673-3452(Print) ISSN 1673-3576(Online)  CN 11-5739/O1 (2006-2021)
Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering  
ISSN 2095-0233(Print) ISSN 2095-0241(Online)  CN 11-5984/TH (2006-2021)
Frontiers of Medicine  
ISSN 2095-0217(Print) ISSN 2095-0225(Online)  CN 11-5983/R (2007-2021)
Frontiers of Optoelectronics  
ISSN 2095-2759(Print) ISSN 2095-2767(Online)  CN 10-1029/TN (2008-2021)
Frontiers of Philosophy in China  
ISSN 1673-3436(Print) ISSN 1673-355X(Online)  CN 11-5743/B (2006-2021)
Frontiers of Physics  
ISSN 2095-0462(Print) ISSN 2095-0470(Online)  CN 11-5994/O4 (2006-2022)
Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering  
ISSN 2095-2430(Print) ISSN 2095-2449(Online)  CN 10-1023/X (2007-2021)
Journal of Translational Neuroscience  
ISSN 2096-0689(Print) CN 11-9363/R (2016-2020)
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