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Frontiers of Agriculture in China

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Front Agric Chin    2010, Vol. 4 Issue (4) : 475-480     DOI: 10.1007/s11703-010-1030-x
Allelopathic effects of Thymus kotschyanus on seed germination and initial growth of Bromus tomentellus and Trifolium repens
Hanie SAFARI1(), Ali TAVILI1, Morteza SABERI2
1. Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, P.O.Box: 31585-4314, Karaj, Iran; 2. Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Zabol, Zabol, Iran
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The allelopathic influence of aqueous extracts of Thymus kotschyanus on Bromus tomentellus and Trifolium repens germination (%), germination speed, and seedling growth (length, fresh and dry weight) was examined. It was noted that aqueous extracts had a considerable inhibitory effect on target plant germination, and the effect at 50%, 75%, and 100% concentration was found to be significantly higher than that at lower concentrations (5% and 25%) and control treatment (distilled water). Seedling length in addition to fresh and dry weights was also reduced significantly over control. The inhibitory effect was increased as the extract concentration was increased. B. tomentellus showed a higher sensitivity against T. kotschyanus in allelopathic effects compared to T. repens, which indicates that B. tomentellus planted in rangelands with leaf litter of T. kotschyanus will be adversely affected in terms of its germination, growth, and ultimately low forage production.

Keywords allelopathy      germination      Thymus kotschyanus      Trifolium repens      Bromus tomentellus     
Corresponding Authors: SAFARI Hanie,   
Issue Date: 05 December 2010
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source of variationSSdfMSF
germination speed13.23852.64833.557**
shoot length250.68550.13633.525**
root length389.9577.99841.067**
fresh weight1.19950.2455.829**
dry weight0.009250.001856.59**
Tab.1  values ofgermination properties affected by extracts
source of variationSSdfMSF
germination speed175.95535.19220.09**
shoot length26.7550.534.28**
root length31.14456.2227.18**
fresh weight0.02150.00432.441ns
dry weight0.00003950.000000790.585ns
Tab.2  values of germination properties affected by extracts
Fig.1  Comparing allelopathic effect of extracts on the germination percentage of and
Fig.2  Comparing inhibitory effect of extracts on germination speed of and
Fig.3  Effects of different extracts levels on shoot length of and
Fig.4  Effects of different extracts levels on root length of and
Fig.5  Fresh (wet) weight of affected by different extracts levels
Fig.6  Dry weight of affected by different extracts levels
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