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Frontiers of Agriculture in China

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Front Agric Chin    2011, Vol. 5 Issue (4) : 534-537     DOI: 10.1007/s11703-011-1124-0
Improvement of eggplant seed germination and seedling emergence at low temperature by seed priming with incorporation SA into KNO3 solution
Yanping ZHANG1,2, Haihe LIU1,2, Shuxing SHEN1(), Xine ZHANG1
1. College of Horticulture, Agricultural University of Hebei, Baoding 071001, China; 2. College of Agronomy, Engineering University of Hebei, Handan 057150, China
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The effects of incorporation SA into KNO3 priming solution on the germination and emergence of eggplant seeds at 15°C were investigated. Seeds were primed into 3% KNO3 containing 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, or 1 mM salicylic acid (SA) for 6 days, respectively. After the priming, seeds were either immediately used for germination and emergence test at 15°C or stored at 4°C for 1 month and then for the germination test. The primed eggplant seeds in general improved the final germination percentage (FGP), germination rate (G50), and germination synchrony (E10–90) at 15°C compared with non-priming seeds. Priming seeds in 3% KNO3 solution supplement with 0.1 mM SA resulted in the best priming effect compared with other priming treatments and non-priming treatment, and all of the beneficial priming effects were still retained after stored at 4°C for 30 days. These results indicated that priming seeds in 3% KNO3 solution containing 0.1 mM SA could be used as an effective method to improve low-temperature performance of eggplant seeds and subsequent seedling growth.

Keywords eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)      priming      germination      low temperature      SA      KNO3     
Corresponding Authors: SHEN Shuxing,   
Issue Date: 05 December 2011
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TreatmentsFGPG50 (days)G10-90 (days)
KNO3 + 0.05 mM SA84675.16.5
KNO3 + 0.1 mM SA92742.46.3
KNO3 + 0.5 mM SA76615.97.4
KNO3 + 1 mM SA64546.67.8
KNO3 + 0 mM SA58505.46.9
Non-priming seeds41408.17.5
Tab.1  Results of eggplant seed germination in darkness at 15°C primed in 3% KNO with various concentrations of SA for 6 days at 25°C
TreatmentsFEPE50 (days)E10-90 (days)Survival (%)Shoot fresh wt. (mg per plant)Shoot dry wt. (mg per plant)
KNO3 + 0.05 mM SA786316.46.79634.84.4
KNO3 + 0.1 mM SA866916.26.39536.44.6
KNO3 + 0.5 mM SA725917.68.99231.24.0
KNO3 + 1 mM SA504618.28.89330.63.7
KNO3 + 0 mM SA534717.88.19231.83.8
Non-priming seeds413921.27.29524.23.1
Tab.2  Results of eggplant seed emergence at 15°C primed in 3% KNO with various concentrations of SA for 6 days at 25°C
TreatmentsFGPG50 (days)G10-90 (days)
KNO3 + 0.05 mM SA82664.86.2
KNO3 + 0.1 mM SA84674.16.4
KNO3 + 0 mM SA58505.66.8
Non-priming seeds48447.87.3
Tab.3  Results of eggplant seed germination in darkness at 15°C primed in 3% KNO with various concentrations of SA for 6 days at 25°C and stored at 4°C for 30 days
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