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Governance approach to China’s environmental challenges: Towards a theoretical synthesis
QI Ye, XUE Lan, ZHANG Lingyun
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 385-400.

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This paper reviewed recent research in environmental governance as a response to environmental challenges at various spatial, temporal and administrative scales. It documented the shift of approach from regulation to governance, and attempted to provide a comprehensive understanding why and how the transformation occurred. It also described major factors and forces of environmental governance, and discussed research advance in environmental governance theory. Finally, this paper summarized recent research findings on environmental governance in China, and listed policy recommendation for enhancing the governance.
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Diagnosis and recommendations for transjurisdictional water pollution management in China
WANG Yahua
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 401-417.

Abstract   PDF (351KB)
Large-scale water environmental deterioration is one of the most prominent environmental issues in current China. Transjurisdictional water pollution is an important reason for water environmental deterioration of river basins, and currently there are some major defects that exist in China s management system related to transjurisdictional water pollution. With seven major river basins in China as an object of study, this paper is designed to perform a diagnosis of major problems about the transjurisdictional water pollution management in China from three aspects, i.e. institution, mechanism, and legislation. On the basis of this, it gives an overall train of thoughts on the reform of transjurisdictional water pollution management in China, and proposes specific recommendations from the aforesaid three aspects.
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Making central-local relations work: Comparing America and China environmental governance systems
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 418-433.

Abstract   PDF (292KB)
The challenge of making central requirements work at local levels is a common problem for environmental governance throughout the world. Countries can learn from one another s approaches, but must understand the local context in w
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Why does environmental compliance cost more than penalty? —A legal analysis on environmental acts of enterprises in China
DONG Hongwei
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 434-442.

Abstract   PDF (249KB)
In the environmental protection field of China, due to lower law-breaking cost but higher law-abiding cost , it is a common case that the enterprise chooses to break through the law on purpose. The punishment to the unlawful pr
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Hydraulic properties of typical salt-affected soils in Jiangsu Province, China
CHEN Xiaomin, SHEN Qirong, XU Yangchun
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 443-447.

Abstract   PDF (289KB)
Every year about 1,500 ha of land is reclaimed from the sea along the coastline of Jiangsu Province, China. It is important to characterize the hydraulic properties of this reclaimed land to be able to predict and manage salt and wa
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Game theoretic analysis of environmental impact assessment system in China
CHENG Hongguang, PU Xiao, GONG Li, QI Ye
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 448-453.

Abstract   PDF (280KB)
Environmental impact assessment (EIA) system has been established in China since 1973. In present EIA cases, there are four participants in general: governments, enterprises, EIA organizations and the public. The public has held re
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A simple and cheap method for preparation of coupled ZrO2/ZnO with high photocatalytic activities
WANG Zheng, ZHANG Bingru, LI Fengting
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 454-458.

Abstract   PDF (355KB)
The objective of this study was to prepare a new photocatalyst with high activities for degradation of organic pollutants. Coupled ZrO2/ZnO photocatalyst was prepared with a simple precipitation method with cheap raw
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Bioleaching of spent Ni-Cd batteries and phylogenetic analysis of an acidophilic strain in acidified sludge
ZHAO Ling, WANG Liang, YANG Dong, ZHU Nanwen
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 459-465.

Abstract   PDF (445KB)
Biohydrometallurgy is a novel method to recycle discarded batteries, in which sewage sludge is used as microorganisms and culture due to the presence of indigenous Thiobacilli. A two-step continuous flow leaching system co
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Synthesis of nanoiron by microemulsion with Span/Tween as mixed surfactants for reduction of nitrate in water
ZHANG Yunxia, LI Tielong, JIN Zhaohui, WANG Wei, WANG Shuaima
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 466-470.

Abstract   PDF (360KB)
Denitrification of nitrate in groundwater using iron nanoparticles has received increasing interest in recent years. In order to fabricate iron nanoparticles with homogeneously spherical shape and narrow size distribution, a simp
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Spatial distribution of ecological security status assessment of West-Liaohe River based on geographic information system
WANG Geng, WU Wei
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 471-476.

Abstract   PDF (431KB)
Eco-security assessment is a hot research area in resource and environmental science, which involves data with much spatial, non-linear, and random features. Geographic information system (GIS), as a useful tool to analyze and mana
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Benzene conversion by manganese dioxide assisted silent discharge plasma
LU Bin, JI Min, YU Xin, FENG Tao, YAO Shuiliang
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 477-481.

Abstract   PDF (393KB)
Non-thermal plasma technologies have shown their promising potential specially for the low concentration of volatile organic compound control in indoor air in recent years. But it is also high energy consuming. So, to improve the en
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Effect of preparation parameters on catalytic properties of Pt/graphite
LIU Zhengqian, MA Jun, ZHAO Lei
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 482-487.

Abstract   PDF (361KB)
Catalytic ozonation of aqueous solutions of oxalic acid was examined in the presence of graphite-supported platinum catalysts. The catalytic activity of graphite was significantly enhanced by loading platinum. The removal efficiency of oxalic acid was 3.0%, 47.6% and 99.3% for ozonation alone, graphite catalytic ozonation and Pt/graphite catalytic ozonation in 30 min under the experimental condition, respectively. The influence of support pretreatment, solvent, impregnation time, platinum loading amount and reduction temperature on the activity of Pt/graphite catalyst was investigated. The pretreatment of graphite support had no effect on activity improvement of Pt/graphite catalyst. Solvent and impregnation time also had no great effect on the activity. Platinum loading amount and reduction temperature influenced the catalyst activity significantly. The optimal catalytic performance of Pt/graphite was obtained when 1.0% platinum loading and 623 K of reduction temperature was adopted. The Pt/graphite catalyst was used for five times with no significant decrease in its activity and more than 90% oxalic acid removal was obtained.
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Advanced nitrogen removal by pulsed sequencing batch reactors (SBR) with real-time control
YANG Qing, PENG Yongzhen, YANG Anming, LI Jianfeng, GUO Jianhua
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 488-492.

Abstract   PDF (448KB)
The feasibility of pH and oxidation reduction potential (ORP) as on-line control parameters to advance nitrogen removal in pulsed sequencing batch reactors (SBR) was evaluated. The pulsed SBR, a novel operational mode of SBR, was
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Promotive effect of pyridine on indole degradation by activated sludge under anoxic conditions
LI Yongmei, GU Guowei, LI Wenshu
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 493-497.

Abstract   PDF (377KB)
Batch experiments were carried out to investigate the promotive effect of pyridine on indole degradation under denitrifying conditions. The seed sludge was obtained from a local coal-coking wastewater treatment facility and was acc
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Research on low emission MSW gasification and melting system
XIAO Gang, NI Mingjiang, CHI Yong, JIN Yuqi, ZHANG Jiaquan, MIAO Qi, CEN Kefa
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 498-503.

Abstract   PDF (378KB)
In order to eliminate secondary pollution caused by municipal solid waste (MSW) incineration, a MSW gasification and melting process is proposed. The process is expected to reduce the emission of pollutants, especially heavy-meta
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Stability analysis of alkaline nitrobenzene-containing wastewater by a catalyzed Fe-Cu treatment process
FAN Jinhong, XU Wenying, GAO Tingyao, MA Luming
Front.Environ.Sci.Eng.. 2007, 1 (4): 504-508.

Abstract   PDF (338KB)
Iron and copper bimetallic system (catalyzed Fe-Cu process) is a promising technology for alkaline nitrobenzene-containing wastewater treatment. However, little is currently known about the changes of treatment efficiency with time
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