Handbook of Group Actions(群作用手册)(第IV卷)    作 者:季理真, Papadopoulos, 丘成桐   ISBN:978-7-04-050055-4  出版时间:2018-09-28
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Part A: Asymptotic and Large-scale Geometry  
Zooming in on the Large-scale Geometry of Locally Compact Groups Yves Cornulier and Pierre de la Harpe 22 0
Actions of Quasi-M¨obius Groups Peter Ha¨ıssinsky 36 0
Quasi-isometric Rigidity of Piecewise Geometric Manifolds Roberto Frigerio 28 0
Mostow Type Rigidity Theorems Marc Bourdon 53 0
Part B: Representation Spaces and Representation Varieties, Homogeneous Spaces, Symmetric Space, Mostow Rigidity  
Discrete Isometry Groups of Symmetric Spaces Michael Kapovich and Bernhard Leeb 38 0
Linearization of Algebraic Group Actions Michel Brion 35 0
Constructing Quotients of Algebraic Varieties by Linear Algebraic Group Actions Gergely B´erczi, Thomas Hawes, Frances Kirwan and Brent Doran 43 0
Reidemeister Torsion, Hyperbolic Three-manifolds, and Character Varieties Joan Porti 31 0
Diophantine Approximation on Subspaces of Rn and Dynamics on Homogeneous Spaces Anish Ghosh 29 0
Actions of Automorphism Groups of Lie Groups S.G. Dani 46 0
Spectral Rigidity of Group Actions on Homogeneous Spaces Bachir Bekka 23 0
Part C: Dynamics: Property T, Group Actions on the Circle, Actions on Hilbert Spaces and Other Symmetries  
Proper Isometric Actions on Hilbert Spaces: a-(T)-menability and Haagerup Property Alain Valette 24 0
Hyperbolic Abelian Actions and Rigidity Boris Hasselblatt 44 0
Generalizations of Almost Periodic Functions William A. Veech 33 0
Rigidity and Flexibility of Group Actions on the Circle Kathryn Mann 33 0
Index 11 0