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Front. Med.    2015, Vol. 9 Issue (3) : 380-383     DOI: 10.1007/s11684-015-0407-x
Cushing’s syndrome during pregnancy caused by adrenal cortical adenoma: a case report and literature review
Wei Wang(),Fengyi Yuan,Dan Xu
Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Shenzhen People’s Hospital, Shenzhen 518020, China
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Cushing’s syndrome (CS) during pregnancy is a rare condition with significant maternal and fetal complications. A case of CS during the third trimester of pregnancy secondary to adrenocortical adenoma was reported. Literature review revealed the disadvantages of different treatments in this period. Besides the conservative treatment, surgery is recommended for CS during the third trimester of pregnancy secondary to adrenal adenoma, if an experienced surgeon is available.

Keywords Cushing’s syndrome      pregnancy      adrenocortical adenoma     
Corresponding Authors: Wei Wang   
Just Accepted Date: 10 July 2015   Online First Date: 21 August 2015    Issue Date: 26 August 2015
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Results Normal
8 AM serum cortisol (μg/dl) 31.35 8.7-22.4
4 AM serum cortisol (μg/dl)0 AM serum cortisol (μg/dl)24 h urine cortisol (μg)8 AM serum ACTH (pg/ml)Low-dose dexamethasone midnight suppression testHigh-dose dexamethasone suppression test 24.7625.592131.38<18.72%8.16% 39-3487.2-63.3>50%
Tab.1  Results of serum and urine chemical tests of patient
Group A(35 pregnancies) Group B(9 pregnancies)
Spontaneous abortion 3 (8.6%) 0 (0%)
Stillbirth 4 (11.4) 0 (0%)
Neonatal death 3 (8.6%) 0 (0%)
Preterm birth 19 (54.3%) 3 (33.3%)
Term birth 9 (25.7%) 6 (66.6%)
IUGR 4 (11.4) 0 (0%)
Tab.2  Perinatal outcomes of Groups A and B
Group A(35 pregnancies) Group B(9 pregnancies)
Hypertension 33 (94.3%) 5 (55.6%)
Pre-eclampsia 6 (17.1) 0 (0%)
Diabetes mellitus 15 (42.9%) 1 (11.1%)
Pulmonary edema 6 (17.1%) 0 (0%)
Wound complication 3 (8.6%) 0 (0%)
Maternal death 0 0 (0%)
Tab.3  Maternal outcomes of Groups A and B
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